Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why, why, why did I do it?

why did I click that link to yesterday...why! Because I'm like a big stupid moth to a flame when it comes to cool scrapbook stuff that's why. I still can't believe I shopped yesterday...I am have major day after know that kick in the ass feeling after the shopping high wears off. I mean really what was I thinking...I just spent money at the LSS last month and I have CKC at the end of this month so why oh why did I have to spend money...I should be saving every penny for CKC. I had no intention of shopping yesterday...none whatsoever...I'm not even an online shopper...I am touchy feely shopper so I prefer the old fashioned brick and mortar stores. But yesterday I got sucked in big time. It all started innocently enough...I was blog hopping...while blog hopping I found this super cute project on lolly's blog ...totally loved it...she used a sizzix lilac die to make it...which I don't lucky for me she was kind enough to include a link for the die which was available at and so like a complete and utter moh-ron I clicked the link and BAM...just like that ...trouble. I mean really how stupid was I yesterday...I knew it was online store...I knew I shouldn't spend money but I clicked all the same. I just wanted to look...what's the harm in looking right. Well I looked at the die and I really wanted it and the counter said only 2 like a trout with a wiggly worm in front of it...I took the bait. Right into my cart it went. Of course I could have just checked out but no...that would involve using brain cells ...which apparently confronted by my shopping rush ...decided to take a vacation. So I click on the "new products" tab and begin to browse. And that's all I was doing right up until I found the new EK Success compact border punches. As soon as I found those I was doomed. I put 5 in my cart. YIKES! If that wasn't bad enough I kept shopping...found some Jenni Bowlin and Crate Paper stuff I just had to have...more clickety click. Finally decided enough was enough...not because I was done shopping...but because it was almost time to go home...and yes...I was shopping at work...I know...tsk tsk. So anyways I finish shopping and go to check out and my total was over $100...OMG! So now I do some more clickety click and start deleting some stuff...including 3 punches :( . I did manage to get my total down to a more respectable number but I was still shaking my head...of course all the while I'm shaking my head I was getting out my credit card....funny how that goes. So I hit the send button and that was now I sit here...feeling the dreaded shopper's remorse....and I don't have my scrappy goodness in hand to console me...sure hope that UPS man hurries up.

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