Wednesday, March 21, 2012

happy scrappy supplies at walgreens

OMG I am so stinkin excited right now...I just bought something totally awesome for a scrappy project at Walgreens...yep...Walgreens...but before you all get excited thinking there is now a scrappy aisle at your 24 hour drug store...there isn't...sorry for the bubble burst....although that would be so totally awesome. Maybe someday. I took a quick run to Wags to grab hamburg rolls for dinner cause it was a glorious 76 degrees tonight and was totally ticked when they didn't have any...guess everyone was making burgers on this beautiful 76 degree day...anyways as I was storming out in a mini-huff cause I had to go to another store I spotted a display by the door that caught my eye. It was a display with tees and such featuring the high school logo...I stopped to check out a tee for my daughter when I spotted the most awesome stickers...they had a whole set of stickers featuring our school's colors and mascot!! Well since I am about to tackle making a senior scrapbook for son who graduates in June (insert weeping Mommy here) ...I was totally totally stoked to find these. They were pretty pricey...8.99 for a pack ...but totally worth it...there are 5 big stickers that have the school name and/or mascot and another 11 that have the school colors and sports icons...they even have one for track which is awesome cause track stuff is so hard to find. I actually think I might go back and get a 2nd set to put away for when my daughter graduates in 3 years. They also had invitations and thank you cards printed with the school name and mascot....I was planning on making my own invitations but I think I might pick them up as a backup plan...u know just in case I run out of time to make all the things I plan to make for graduation. So if you have a high schooler be sure to check out your walgreens next time your in there....and do me a favor and leave me some hamburg buns.

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