Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lift me, link me

It was recently pointed out to me that that there's been a lot of lifting of my layouts going on lately and let me just say I am absolutely thrilled that my layouts are inspiring so many other scrappers. Seriously it is the biggest compliment to me that someone likes something I did enough to copy it or be inspired in some small way. I absolutely love creating and the fact that what I create inspires others is just wicked awesome (yes I said wicked and awesome...I'm a born and bred New Englander stuck in the eighties...deal). I think it's a hoot that people ask if it's OK to lift my layouts...um heck yeah... I have no problems with anyone lifting my work ...well ...unless of course your not lifting but copying most of it or the whole thing and call it your own and/or submit it...then we gots us a problem and I'll have to send Lenny the Leg Breaker to visit ya....but hey other than that...it's cool. Lift away! Just do me a huge favor...if you lift me, link me....I would so love to see what you've created. I have so much going on with challenges, boards, blogs, scrappy projects, etc. that I just know I'm missing out on seeing some really great work. So please...if you lift me, be a dear...and link me.

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