Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Welcome to ACOWSAYS 2.0

I remember way back when I first started scrapping I did a layout about my daughter eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich...naturally being a total newbie to scrapping and therefore totally clueless I thought the best way to do that layout was to painstakingly cut out shapes from cardstock to create really big peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and then lovingly slap the pics on top of them...when I was done I thought wow I am so clever, isn't this cute. Of course now when I look back at that layout...I laugh...loudly. Seriously.
Well now that I have my blog up and running I feel the same way looking at my old is so peanut butter and jelly!! Seriously. Rookie. Amateur. Kindergarten finger paints. Actually finger paints are way cooler than my old blog.
My new blog however...version so so so so so so so much better.
What's better about it...umm pretty much everything.
Let's start with the blog's amazing! Even if I do say so myself...which I do..just did...whatever. I love love love it ...annnndddd I had tons of fun making it. Digi is cool! And before my paper girls worries...I will not be going over to the dark my paper and glue too much...but I must admit...digi is cool. For so so many reasons. All of what I used on the header were digi freebies...cause I love me some free stuff. A big shout out to and where I got all my great freebies...both sites have some super cute stuff and again you just can't beat free!
So what else is new and improved besides the header? Well let's see...
...I added a picture of myself...this way people will see I'm not actually a cow.
...and I added a bio...cause I'm just so fascinating
...I added a video bar so you can see previews of all 6 of my videos.
...I added a gadget so you can click and follow my blog (Please do!)
...I have a favicon!
...I added 4 new gallery pages...1 one for layouts, 1 for cards , 1 for all my other projects and 1 for my orgazination ideas. The galleries are pretty cool...not just because they are loaded with a ton of awesome creations ..but because if you double clik on a picture in the gallery it will open all of them in a photo array. Very cool.
My old blog did have some stuff I liked so I didn't completely trash everything when I switched...I did keep some of the stuff from there and brought it over here including...
...the page for my scraproom
...the dancing cow :)
...the list of blogs I follow (which I need to still add to)
...oh yeah and every single one of my old posts! Yeppers cause I'm crazy like that I brought over every post from my old blog and dropped it on the new one. I wanted a new blog so bad but really didn't want an empty blog so even though it took some time to do it I did it and it was worth it.
So yep that's pretty much all you need to know about ACOWSAYS 2.0 except for one other teeeny tiny little thing ...
I'm hosting a contest to kick off my new blog!!  
Yeppers ...I am gonna kick off this spanking new blog right and give away some scrappy goodies. In order to be eligible to win you have to do 2 things...first you have to start following my know you want go ahead and do it. Second you have to check out my new blog...I mean really check it out...because your going on a bit of a scavenger hunt. Your mission if you choose to accept it is to look around my blog and hunt for these...
Before you panic won't have to read every post to find them and there are only 8 (the one in this post doesn't count). All you have to do is look on my on the pages of my blog to find all the "hidden" hearts ( sure to check the side bars and the header!). When you find them make a note of what color they are...they will either be pink like the one above or blue, green or orange. Post in the comments how many of each you found for a chance to win a package full of scrappy stuff from me! Simple right! Right!

so to recap ..1) follow my blog and 2) find the hearts and leave me a comment on how many of each color you found.
I will be drawing the winner on Monday March 19, 2012.
Good luck!


  1. Cool! I'm the first follower!!
    First commenter?
    Enjoy your new blog space! I think it's faboo!
    2 pink
    3 green
    3 orange

  2. Great blog. I love the layout.
    Pink: 3
    Orange: 3
    Blue: 0

  3. I have counted and counted and counted and I keep coming up with nine! LOL! 3 pink, 3 green and 3 orange! I'm also a follower. Love your new site! ~Bev~

    1. LOL...sorry about that ... blogger added a "bonus" one for me in my popular post gadget.. I removed it so it wouldn't confuse anyone worries your entry is still good!

  4. Well I must be blind cause I can't find all these hearts the others are seeing (if you mean the ones in a circle)! I see 2 pink , 1 green and 1 orange :)

  5. Love your new blog. I am a follower.

    I spotted:
    2 Pink
    3 Green
    3 Orange

    BTW - I love your scraproom!!

  6. That was kind of crazy, but I love you so I did it. Just say'n. 2 pink, 3 green, 3 orange. And that was pretty tricky to say there are blue ones. Just say'n. Again. LOL! (Oh...and can I highly recommend removing word verification? It's nearly impossible with the new version.)

    1. I wasn't trying to trick...there was supposed to be a blue one...I swear I uploaded one! Note to not blog at 1 a.m....and yeah I will remove word verification...didn't realize it was activated.

  7. I love your new blog! Love your scrap space too. I became a follower and I know I'm having a bad day, but I count 2 pink, 3 green, 3 orange, 0 blue

  8. Yep, found 2 pink, 3 green and 3 orange! Thought I was following you before, but for sure am now :-)