Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3 days, 13 layouts...

OK not sure if anyone happened to notice but I've been AWOL for a little while...why you ask? Because I went away to a crop for 3 glorious days! Woohoo! I meant to tell you all about it before I left but I was crazy busy getting ready...I had to edit pics, make page kits and of course pack a ton of stuff....took me 6 long days to do it all...6 long days of work. It was exhausting. All so I wouldn't over pack and bring way too much stuff or worse yet under pack and forget something. Can I just totally say...I HATE PACKING!! so so so so much.

It was of course totally worth it...the crop started on Thursday at 11 and went to 2 on Sunday so lots and lots of hours of scrapping!  I went with my pal Stacy and we kicked it off right by getting there 1st so we had dibs on the best spots...gotta love that. Also gotta love that the place we stayed at was da bomb...right on a lake only an hour from home....loved it. Really really loved the fact that they fed us too...10 awesome meals. Believe it or not I totally did not miss cooking or cleaning at all.

As for the scrapping I got tons done...at least for me it was a ton...my final tally was a whopping 13 layouts!! whoot whoot! I was totally cranking them out... I would've got more done if I didn't have to sleep at some point...which was not so much sleeping as much as it power napping...in 3 nights I got about 11 hours sleep total. I survived though thanks to 5 hour energy and lots and lots of diet coke. Can't say I looked pretty by Sunday but I survived. I also had to bail early on Sunday cause I had other plans that day...totally wanted to stay and scrap more but oh well. Anywho as for the layouts...I was super super happy with how many I managed to get done and even happier about how they all turned out. Seriously happy. I had concerns before I left cause as I was packing the kits I was not feeling the moojo and you all know when the moojo ain't flowing it ain't no good. But thankfully I had plenty of moojo to go around. I wanted to share all my layouts with ya but I still have to journal on them...I so cannot journal at a crop...need total concentration to journal. I did get 3 done though...we'll start with my absolute favorite from this weekend...

I just love this layout!! love love love it!
The hexagons are just awesome ...seriously totally awesome. My buddy Stacy has a hexagon punch from Creative Memories and I borrowed it and this is the 3rd layout I've used it on...don't tell her but she is so totally not getting it back LOL.

Beyond the hexagons I am totally in love with the colors on this layout. Both my daughter and sister both had the same color fuschia on and I thought it would be cool to do an orange/fuschia color combo and I totally love it!

Here's another layout I got done...this was my hubby's fave...he really loved the black background.

I loved it too...although originally I had an awesome green polka dot picked out for the background...the pics looked amazing on the green but the awesome snowflakes from LYB did not...but on the black they look amazing!!

also amazing... the folded paper detail I added at the last minute...thinks it looks fabtabulous.

Gotta mention the title though is not right in the pic...the and thingy fell off before I took the pics and apparently I wasn't paying much attention when I slapped it back on...the title actually should be all work & snow fun.

Here's my last share for the night...

This is a layout I did about the obsene amout of stuff we got shopping last year on Black Friday...I so love a good deal! I also so love finding the perfect embellies to go on a layout...aren't those cute little price die cuts so cute...I cut them out from an October Afternoon paper. Super duper cute.

Well that's a wrap for tonight...I'm still lagging from sleep deprivation this weekend so it's off to night nights for me. Hopefully by tomorrow I can look less zombie like after a good night's sleep.


  1. Wow ... great accomplishment 13 layouts in 3 days. I love the hexagons!

  2. Fabulous work! All three of them! And it sounds like you had fun!! :)

  3. These are really great layouts! I can't believe you got 13 layouts done in 4 days! That is INSANE for you!!! Awesome!

  4. You sound so much like me when I go away on my biannual crop with my GF's! Crazy frantic busy trying to get ready so I can be productive when I'm there and not pack my entire room and then staying up late functioning on very little sleep! Good times, huh?!?! Love your work, as always, Jennifer. I think I just might have to get my hands on one of those hexagon punches, too!