Monday, April 2, 2012

Chinese Whispers reveal

so over on ClubCK I signed up for another round of Chinese Whispers and our group just finished so I can finally share the layout I made for it with you. I made this almost a month ago but I was at the very beginning of the group so I had to wait patiently while all the others in our group worked finished theirs before I could post...I totally hate being 1st...the waiting was brutal.

 so here's my take on the sketch I got...the sketch was a 2 pager but of course I don't do 2 pagers so it quickly got converted to a single page. I was really really happy with how this layout turned out mostly because I really liked the colors. I rarely use these kind of colors so it was fun to break out of the same old same old and try some new color schemes...I think the orange, yellow, aqua and pink work perfect for this beach layout and the tan and black do a good job of keeping the colors from looking to cheezy and pastel-y KWIM? Well I know what I mean :).  Besides the colors my fave thing on this layout has to be the cool swirls...they have that wave vibe without actually being waves which I love cause I hate doing super theme-y layouts.  

oh and if your not familiar with Chinese Whispers I'll give you a quick run down on how it's basically like the game of telephone kids play only instead of passing stories you pass layouts...the first person does a sketch...she sends the sketch to person #2...person #2 does a layout based on the sketch and sends a pic of their layout to person #3 who does a layout based on what #2 sent her and it goes on and on like this. It's really pretty cool to see the evolution from the sketch to the last layout. If you've never played along before you should give it a try next go's really fun.

You can see all the fab layouts our group did and the cool sketch that we used by checking out this thread on ClubCK.

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