Monday, February 27, 2012

cutest cookbook evah

OK so I don't know for 100% sure this is actually the cutest cookbook evah...after all cuteness is subjective...but to me it is no doubt the cutest thing evah and my niece, who I made it for, 100% agrees! She got it for Christmas this past year and she absolutely loved clutched her chest, held back tears, oh my, oh my, loved it! She was so excited to see what it was when she opened it and I totally loved that she loved it. After all as a scrapper we all know homemade gifts can be a big hit or a complete and total dud. It's so unfortunate that so many people just don't appreciate the time, effort and lovin that goes into a stellar handmade gift...luckily for me my niece is not one of those people. She loved it so much it's just too bad it wasn't from me. LOL. See even though I am the one who spent 20+ hours lovingly crafting this amazing cookbook, it was actually a gift from my sister to her. Let me explain...see in our family my sister is the cook...I am the crafter. Our niece is a little bit of both of us...she loves to craft and loves to cook and of course we are both more than happy to share our talents and teach her everything we know....especially considering none of our combined 7 kids have any interest in either subject. So since my sister has been teaching my niece to cook all of the great family recipes my grandma's handed down to her she thought it would be great to give her a family cookbook for x-mas so being that she isn't the crafter she asked me if I would make it for her if she gave me the naturally since I only had 100 other things to do before Christmas I said sure, why not! LOL.
Since I have never done a cookbook before I had pretty much zero in the way of cooking related supplies in my poor me had to go shopping. Had to keep the shopping to a minimum since this gift wasn't actually from me so the plan was to find something stellar to kick off with and fill in with generic scrappy supplies from my stash...luckily my scrap store had some of the Savor line by LYB in stock so I snagged the super adorable chip board shapes to get me started and then spent a little more buying some cooking related die cuts that my LSS sells. At another store I bought the Nan's Favourites paper pack from Kaiser Craft which has super cute papers and a bunch of kitchen/cooking themed die-cuts. All together it was only about $10. Everything else I used on this album came from my stash which was a few embroidered pieces, some papers and some labels including the mega adorable and totally perfect labels from that they looked just like recipe cards. I also used lots and lots and lots of letters from my stash...especially the little ones from Cosmo Cricket and My Little Shoebox....good thing I have lots of them! The album I used is an old 8x8 album I had from was perfect for a cookbook because the cover is vinyl covered fabric and can be wiped clean.
OK enough typing...time for some pics...enjoy!

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