Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Some stinkin cute cards

Happy VD everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday and by that I mean I hope you all got big boxes of chocolates...after all that is the best thing about today...lots and lots of chocolate! Hubster got me a box of my faves...chocolate covered cherries...yummers!! It was a nice treat since we usually don't exchange gifts...just cards...his store bought and mine hand made of course cause as you all know...nothing says lovin like a handmade card!
This year's cards were full of lots of love and some major cuteness...lots and lots of fuzzy cuteness.
This is the one I made for the hubster...

this is the one I made for son...

and lastly ...the one I made for my daughter...I just love the deer...it's so cute...

They are mega adorable right!! That great embossed heart paper is from american crafts and all those adorable critters are from Martha Stewart...I know...martha...yuck...I hate her too..but some of ther stuff is cute.
The hubster and my daughter loved theirs...my 18 year old son was like eh, whatever. LOL...at least he liked the big bag of candy the card was attached to.

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