Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Doing a happy dance

Not because I got ants in my pants...but because of Fancy Pants! Fancy Pants Designs that is! I know lame rhyme but it amused me so i used it LOL. Anyways back to my happiness and Fancy Pants...i've been contacting companies like crazy trying to get donations for our Crop for Tornado Relief Fundraiser and one of my fave companies...Fancy Pants...has agreed to donate 3 prize packs for the event! Woohoo! Isn't that just awesome of them? I think it's beyond awesome! Who the heck is not going to want some Fancy Pants goodness...noone that's who. Lisa over at Fancy Pants couldn't have been nicer...she got back to me right away and said they would be happy to help and she even posted a link to our event on their facebook page. Isn't that just even more awesome...of course it is! Got to love when people go that little extra bit to help you out! You should all pop over to their page and LIKE them and tell them how awesome they are for helping us out because they are awesome! Lisa says the prize packs are already on their way so I'll be stalking the mailman ...can't wait to see all that scrappy goodness. I'll have to try to contain myself as much as possible though...don't think anyone is going to want me drooling all over their great Fancy Pants prize pack LOL.

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