Friday, March 26, 2010

Will work for scrap supplies

So yesterday my life took an unexpected turn. I have recently joined the ranks of the unemployed. It was my choice. Not the most brilliant decision I've ever made seeing at the moment I don't have another job lined up...but it was something that was a long time coming and something I needed to do. I gave my 2 weeks notice and promptly declared I was taking vacation time and would be back to tie up loose ends on Monday. Pretty ballsy right (read: stupid)...but like I said it was something that needed to be done. Not sure what Monday will bring...I'm sure my boss will be looking to see if the waters can be smoothed over but not sure that we will be able to come to a meeting of the minds. Problem is I'm not looking for more money (although if he offers, who am I to say no) ...what I'm looking for is an attitude adjustment...something I don't think he's capable of. See my boss is burnt out from his business but is too controlling to just retire he passes his misery around the office like a dish of candy. Add to the misery, his micro managing and his misery has now become my misery...and I'm not big on misery (unless it's of my own doing and then I get to wallow all I want). Most people can't understand why I've stayed as long as I have but I tell them it's a mutually abusive relationship which up until yesterday was working in some dysfunctional, Jerry Springer episode, sort of way. Only thing is this didn't end in a knock down drag out cat fight or a paternity test ...although I must say decking him crossed my mind.
So for now I am enjoying my time off as much as possible and planning for what I can. Which today includes surfing the web and looking for free scrappy stuff I can enjoy. If I'm not going to be working, I will definitely be scrapping up a storm and I'll need more goodies...OK I won't NEED but I'll WANT more...after all I can either console myself with paper or chocolate. I think paper is the better choice for me...after all chocolate was my original bad relationship...but hey that's a whole different Jerry Springer episode.

So link me up ladies if you know anyone giving away some scrappy goodness...because I will so be in line for my share. 

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