Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What the heck was I thinking

doing a kit swap. Was I temporarily insane? Suffering from amnesia? Have I spent too much time sniffing the staz-on? Something must not have been right in my head to think this was a good idea..I mean more than the usual not right that it usually is. It's actually not the swapping of the kits that is the's the scrapping with the kits that I swapped that is the issue. I just cannot work backwards I mean I cannot start with the pretty stuff and then match pictures...I always pull my pics first and THEN get all the pretty stuff to match. The sad thing is I knew this little factoid but apparently I forgot...but at one time I did know this...when I was on the design team a couple years ago I had this same issue. This whole thing of doing things the other way is really making my head spin. UGG! Right now I have 8 kits scattered all over my desk ...5 I made and 3 I got in the swap (which are totally awesome)...and I cannot come up with pictures for any of's driving me nuts. I have photo albums open with post it notes marking photos that might possibly work if I get desperate enough...but I just can't find the right pictures. I thought it would help if I just put all my focus on one kit...but it didn't I figured I would just start working with the kit to get inspired ...that didn't work either... I have now basically mutilated that kit and I still have no idea what pics to put with it. Ugg..and to think I have 2 more kits coming. Nuts right. It's a good thing I have 2 weeks to scrap with these because I am seeing a photo session in my very near future.

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