Tuesday, June 8, 2010


seriously OMG! I just got a package in the mail from CK and it was chock full of green...no not the moola kinda of green...the LYB Lucky Me kind of green. I'm not 100% sure but I think they sent the whole line...18 pieces of 2 sided PP, 1 sheet of die cut paper, lace cut cardstock, clear stickers, cardstock stickers, chipboard stickers, clear cut frames, rubons, canvas stickers, dimensional stickers and the decorative edged tablet with more die cut stickers!!! Talk about a lot of green!

Isn't that awesome..all that scrappy goodness in one package! If your wondering why all the green and shamrock stuff....well it is simple... I won a contest and it was a St. Patrick's Day photo contest. I entered this super fun photo of my nephew and my photo was picked at random from all the entries...BTDub...lucky me...there were only 3 other entries...got to love them odds right!

And yes I am fully aware that is now June and your all wondering why I am just posting this now...well when I won it way back in March I was so stoked about winning I didn't read the email correctly and sent my address to the wrong place so CK never got it...luckily the fabulous Brittany took care of it for me and got my package in the mail for me last week....hey better late than never right. Anyways I had no idea CK gave out such awesome prizes...now that I am fully aware of the goodness to be had I will so be entering more contests.

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