Monday, April 26, 2010

Ding, dang, darn it Walgreens

So I didn't scrap one darn thing this weekend because I just couldn't think of anything to do with the 3 kits I still had sitting on desk...I was completely and totally lacking inspiration or tonight I was determined to come home and scrap. So of course because I am anxious to get home I end up leaving work late (ding dang darn work)...then of course I have to go grocery shopping (ding dang darn kids eat too much)...then I have to cook dinner (again ding dang darn kids). Finally complete all my motherly duties and I get to my scraproom around 7 p.m. and plop down in front of my annoyingly slow computer to hunt for pics. Not even 10 minutes in and the aggravation starts to set in as I am feeling nada...not one iota of inspiration...determined I click on...and on...and on. Seriously how can I have this many pictures and can't find anything. I'm now way more aggravated but even more I sit click click clicking hoping for the mojo to strike. Finally ...after what seems like an eternity I find pictures for LO click click click ...I edit and upload. Inspired by my recent success...I continue to hunt for more pics. Bam!...find pics for damn I'm on a click click edit and upload ...bam!....find some more...just a little bit more clicking and I will be home free. Finally have all my prints edited and uploaded and have them all added to my cart ...feeling super lucky now because I even have a coupon code to use and as I am clicking away the ideas are swirling away...just one short hour away and I will be scrapping! So excited to finish I enter the code and maneuver my mouse and hit the store down the street and again hit continue and ....ERROR MESSAGE!!! UGH...try again...ERROR MESSAGE!!! UGH UGH and UGH some more. OMG it's already 9 p.m. and I can't get my picture order to go through...WTH? I dial the Walgreens down the street and politely inquire...que pasa? To which I'm told...sorry ...we're down for the night! To which I reply with a great big Charlie Brown ...Lucy pulled the football...UGGGGGGGHHHH! Come on. Really. Decide that I don't want all my hard work and mojo to go to waste so decide to order from another location not too far from my house...again get my order all set and get to the store selection and find out that instead of getting my photos in the usual hour time frame I will not be able to pick them up until 8:22 a.m. ...WTH? Ding Dang Darn it Walgreens. Can't you give a scrapper a break...really. So seeing that my boss won't be giving me tomorrow off to scrap I will now have to make the trip after work to the store out of the way so I can pick up my pics and finally get some scrapping's nights like these makes me wish I had a photo printer all my own. 

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