Saturday, September 18, 2010

Success! I can smooch

Oh yeah! That's right! I busted out the Smooch last night and it was a Smooching success! It took a while to Smooch but it was worth it. Just like last night I did all the prep work...mask...practice...etc... but this time I was super overly ridiculously cautious cause I did not want to screw up yet again. And after every spray I got more and more cautious because it was actually going good and I was freaking I was going to wreck it and have to do another do-over. I made one itsy bitsy ooops but it happened after I sprayed..I was a moh-ron and I had wet ink on my hand and put it on the paper....grrr...but only a little grr...luckily it was someplace I could cover up the ooopsy. So after a lot of anxiety...success! Unfortunately as it turns out the Smooching was actually the easy part of this layout compared to what I did next... a ridiculous amount of pen work. I had the idea that I wanted colorful doodly flourishes a-la fancy pants for the background of my layout but the fancy pants paper I had with doodles didn't work cause the doodles were all in the wrong place...soooooo.... genius me decides to make my own. I repeat...MOH-RON. Talk about nerve wracking. OMG. And time consuming too. First I had to sketch the doodly dos which wasn't so least I could erase anything I didn't like. Next I had to do the center of the doodles so I used my White Signo pen (LOVE this pen!) to color inside all the pencil lines so the Smooch wouldn't show. After that I was dry I busted out my Gelly Roll pens to do all the outlining. After about the 3rd doodle I was trying to figure out when I decided this would be a good idea cause it was such a pain. It took forever to sketch, fill and outline all those doodles and stars. And just like the smooch, with every successful doodle I would get more and more stressed out that I would eventually goof the whole thing. Amazingly enough I didn't make any major goofs...probably because I was going so slow....really slow... 2 hours later I was finally done. It didn't come out exactly how I wanted but close enough. To be honest I was just happy to be done with it.

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