Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Did ya miss me?

So OMG it's been over a week since I posted anything on my blog! Did ya miss me? I hope so. I just bet you're imagination has been running wild wondering if I had been abducted by aliens and taken to a distant galaxy to teach them how to scrap or some other fantastic story...after all what could keep me away for so long. Well let me put your fears to rest and assure you my feet are still firmly planted on this planet and the reason I've been MIA is not nearly as exciting as being abducted by little green men with questionable intentions...the reason is simple ...I was sick. I caught me a nasty head cold and I was down for the count...started Saturday May 1st and it was non stop snot from then on out...sorry if that is TMI...but seriously that was my world for 5 days. Not to go all soap opera and be too dramatic but it was probably one of the worst colds I've ever had ...I spent most of the week sniffling, sneezing and sleeping. Unfortunately as cruddy as I was feeling I still had to work so that meant by the time I got home each day I felt extra extra cruddy. I finally recovered from the sickies on Friday May 7th.

So why no blogging since the 7th then...well there is a few more reasons/excuses for that...still no aliens to blame though. Even though I was feeling better on Friday I still didn't have time for the blog because I had to play catch up around the house and try to get all the things done that were neglected while I was killing kleenex after kleenex....which unfortunately was a lot.
By Saturday afternoon I finally made some headway on my monumental to - do list so I decided to get into my scrap room and make some videos for my blog...something I've been wanting to do for ages. So I set up the tripod and started shooting a video... after 30 botched attempts...I finally had one video that was under the required 10 minute YouTube allotment and had all of the content I wanted to include and was reasonably intelligible...hooray! My trusty assistant...my daughter..was beyond thrilled when we called it a wrap...her patience started to wear thin after our 10th attempt. So with film in the can as they say in the biz...I hit the computer and I tried to upload it...the key word being TRIED...tried and failed actually. Apparently my older model video camera is not computer friendly and no matter what I tried I could not get my video from the camera to the computer. So bummed by my failure I gave up for the day.

Sunday of course was Mother's Day...well at least for everyone else it was. I declared Sunday un-mother's day for me as the day was to be spent working opening our trailer for the camping season and visiting all the other mothers in my family. So all that work and visiting left little time for blogging. On the plus side...my mother's day is scheduled for this coming Sunday...a day truly dedicated to just me. Got to love that.

Monday of course was back to work so again no time for the ol' blog and Monday night was dedicated to the pursuit of a new computer friendly video camera. Currently trying to decide between a Flip Cam and the Sony "bloggie" (which I thought was the stupidest name I ever heard for an electronic device until I heard the earlier version of that camcorder was called a "webbie").
Which of course brings us to today...nothing scrappy to post but it's a blog post nonetheless. I'm hoping to have the new camera in hand soon and promise I will make up for my absence with lots of scrappy videos...that is if I can coax my assistant into helping me again...of course if she's unwilling ...it's off to live with the aliens for her.

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